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I can read people just as easy as a book

Their intentions are broad as daylight

I must confess, i am too quick to judge

But atleast i wont call myself a hypocrite.

Despite the well played deceptions and convincing lies

I can see the greedy mind behind that innocent face

Although you keep the darkness well hidden beneath that translucent skin

Your soulless eyes gives it all away

Yet, i cant help but rather enjoy

Deciphering all those complexities

Veiled behind a transparent shroud,

That makes you worthy enough to be called a human being

Although yet, I must confess

Despite the “apparent ” expertise

My greatest failure will be my reflection

Cause I can never solve the puzzle staring back at me.







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This is a poem representing the moral dillema all of us go through in order to embrace the person we want to be.(inspired from a short story)

The wolves reside inside  me,

Ready to battle it all for my insanity 

The ensuing war between the new and the old

Takes its toll, on my mind, body and soul.

My heart is this battlefield of repressed emotions ,

Suppressed complexes and betrayed devotion

For the legendary war, it sets the perfect stage

For the good and the bad come out to play.

The wolves battle it out with all their wit and might

The good goes against the bad and the dark tries to shadow the light 

Whoever wins, takes control of my fate

Unfortunately this battle isn’t some clichéd fairytale.

The victory of light is what I need

But  a deep voice inside me says “The darkness will set you free.”

And so the wolves battle it out, and I turn powerless

I shrink to become all dazed and confused like the puppeteer who turned the puppet 

The wolves can’t fight forever though, they’re bound to starve until one surrenders to me.

But yet again, the dillema arises.         

Which of the wolves should I choose to feed?


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​As the waves crashed against the sandy shores,

The voice of the sea whispered to my soul

Although time flies, and we may grow apart,

These fleeting moments will remain etched forever in your heart.


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Is this the message we want to pass on to the next generation? The first image of the lady is as beautiful as the last. Beauty was never defined to be associated with being fair. We made it that way. And it is high time to change that.

We proclaim to accept ‘Unity in diversity’

But fail to recognize a contagious flaw

That imprints itself in each narrow mind

And poisons it into an insecure heart

‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’ they say

But what defines beauty when it comes to stereotypes?

Why is our judgement clouded by what others perceive?

Why do we obsess over being fair and white?

Open your eyes and widen your minds

And take a moment to think of the million industries

All of which earn their precious profits

By preying upon your complex insecurities

All it takes from people like me

To earn respect, is a beautiful heart

When were the parameters for beauty set?

You’re prefect just the way you are








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We said we would always keep in touch,

That nothing could breach our bond of trust.

I thought we had something real and true,

But then times changed and so did you

Alas! How time flies by so fast.

We should’ve known it seemed to good to last

I thought nothing could break the bond between our hearts,

But before we knew it, we had drifted apart.

And now we’re nothing more than strangers who used to be friends,

Time had eventually bought our friendship to an end.

Yet occasionally , I recall the memories that can never be revived

Etched into my past, I recall them with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes.


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The world is an ungrateful place
Oblivious to the numerous hardships we face.
Politicians and celebrities, do you idolise
But turn a deaf ear to a farmer’s helpless cries
Yes, we are the ones who work these fields
Yet, never have  a taste of our own luxury
We are supposed to work and work till our skins burn
Yet, despite the sacrifices we make, we never  expect a thank you in return
You call us the backbone of your nation, but when a crisis arise,
The patriots turn into hypocrites
What do we need to prove, for you to realise
The lack of water is not something that needs to be prioritised!?
With every second of hesitation, a noose is hung around a neck
By a farmer who prefers the pain of death over debt!
In a country with over a billion people, one life may not matter so
But life would never be the same for his family starving back at home
So next time, think twice before you sulk about your life
Cause it can never be worse than the plight of those responsible for keeping you alive


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It was the little girl’s favourite time of the year
After two months of boredom and silent tears
In a few days time, the gates would open wide
And eager students would go in rushing by
She knew she’d be a good student, she would never make a fuss
She loved the colourful uniforms and the honk of the bus
Her heart would ache every time she saw a child complain about the rules
For they didn’t know how lucky they were to get to study in a school
Yet again, problems arose ,if she didn’t do as she was told
Then who would feed her ailing family, starving back at home?
So she put her dreams to rest, perhaps another time
But deep down she knew it would never come and resumed to sell stationery with a painful smile.